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Mace Essentials Workshop

$325Purchase required to enroll
A foundation workshop for the mace and traditional gada as valuable tools for mobility, skill, and strength. From basic mobility to rotary power, this tool is here to stay.

The primary goal of this workshop is to create a safe and solid foundation of basic and intermediate mace exercises. When utilized efficiently, the mace becomes a true extension of the body. Through proper regressions and progressions, we will prepare fitness professionals and general users alike to maximize the value of this ancient tool.

Overview of Concepts to be Covered:
  • Priming the body for mace training by opening the lateral lines while also mobilizing the wrists, shoulders and thoracic spine
  • Value of the mace through the movement continuum from mobility, stability, strength and power
  • Reflexive/reactive shoulder and core stability though tension and flow "pulsing patterns" of the mace
  • Specific mobility progressions and regressions from body weight, kettlebells, and the mace for added resistance in various positions
  • Injury precautions, skill limitations and safety concerns with individuals vs group training environments
  • Mace specific drills and skills to optimize the learning process and skill acquisition
  • The importance of rotation and frontal plane movement (getting out of the sagittal plan)
  • Bi lateral & unilateral movements
  • Value of offset loading the body

  • Exercises specifics and value for sport or activity carryover

  • Addressing imbalances in the body

  • Progressions and regressions of mace patterns to optimize effectiveness, safety, and skill
  • How the mace improves grip strength, posture, coordination, and other qualities
  • Programming for rehabilitation, injury prevention, skill acquisition, conditioning, and dynamic power training.
  • Explanations, demonstrations, and specific value of using of types material (bamboo, PVC, steel) and lever length to create torque.
Attendees will develop a rich knowledge of:
  • Traditional 360s
  • "10-2s" Swings
  • Hand to hand switches
  • Single arm variations
  • Grave diggers
  • Press variations
  • How to combine exercises into complexes/flows (e.x. 360 into Front Squat with Press)

All Ability Levels Welcome to Attend!
Cancellation policy Refunds are offered up to 30 days before the event for full refund. Other refunds will be considered on a case by case basis. Thank you for understanding.
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