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Online Coaching Video Session- 30 min. $55 per appointmentNo purchase required to enroll


Movement Orientation Purchase required to enroll

This "Movement Orientation" is designed to be taken place after our FREE Intro Assessment.

Based off the results of your Functional Movement Screen, we can move forward with either a comprehensive fitness assessment and coaching of basic movement patterns we employ at Empowered Strength, or, if necessary, spend this session bringing your movement capabilities to a more functional and adequate baseline.

Our Movement Orientation is a requirement for all new members to take part in before beginning any programs at Empowered Strength.

Intro Assessment w/ John Odden $95 per appointmentPurchase required to enroll

An Introductory Assessment with Empowered Strength's owner and head coach, John Odden.

Online Coaching Video Session-60 min $95 per appointmentNo purchase required to enroll


Kettlebell Fundamentals

Learn how to use kettlebells from Bend's ONLY Kettlebell gym.


This fun mix of strength training essentials with bodyweight, kettlebells, and barbells will get you skilled, powerful, and conditioned to prepare you for whatever Central Oregon throws your way.

Open Gym $10 per classPurchase required to enroll

Semi-Private Purchase required to enroll

New Client Gym Intro

FREE Intro Assessment Free

This service is free and is a requirement prior to starting any of our classes or private training sessions.


Online Mace Workshop $60Purchase required to enroll

Overview and purpose:

A foundation workshop for the mace and traditional gada as valuable tools of mobility, skill, and strength.

From mobility to rotary power, this tool is here to stay. The primary goal of workshop is to create a safe & solid foundation of basic/intermediate mace exercise skills. When utilized efficiently, the mace becomes an extension of the body from the ground, though the body and into the end of the implement.

Through regressions & progressions, we will prepare fitness professionals and general users to maximize the value of this ancient tool.

SUP Strength & Performance $200Purchase required to enroll

Are you ready to maximize your experience on your paddle board, kayak, or other summer activities? We have a new class opportunity starting in July that will help improve your balance, speed, agility, and endurance using functional movement patterns with your own bodyweight, kettlebells, sandbags, and other fun fitness tools in a safe non-intimidating environment.